Hi, we're the Misfit Team. Nice to meet you.

US Vietnam China
  • Troy

    Senior Software Designer

    Artist by day, chef by night, always ready to play, until morning's first light.

  • Nga

    Senior Software Engineer

    HTML5/JavaScript wonder woman, singlehandedly rebalanced the ACM national programming team male/female ratio.

  • Lucy

    Operations Lead

    Den mother taking care of all the Misfits and meeting their needs before they know it.

  • Khoa Thai

    Software Tester / Web Engineer

    Bug hunting and bashing are my hobby. If you make it, I can break it!

  • Loc

    Data Science Coordinator

    Data science/sensor analytics geek, UIUC machine learning PhD, postdocs at Stanford & Technion. 1 of 2 Vietnamese Misfits who know Hebrew.

  • Minh

    Software Engineer

    Repeat offender @ local hackathons, brought to justice @ Misfit & doing iOS time. Won't leave desk even when lured by food & companionship.

  • Tung

    Automation Engineer

    No mountain too high, no bugs too small, I'll get 'em all!

  • Lily

    Software Designer

    Central (region), intelligent, and came over from an agency. Now bringing order to Misfit design with a woman's touch.

  • Huy

    Data Scientist

    Deeply thinking about data w/ a PhD in datamining and parallel computing.

  • Thinh

    Software Quality Lead

    Love to see work done by computers. Spotify, music, ice-skating and how i met your mother are typical things to start a conversation to me.

  • Hoan

    Software Engineer

    Our very own RoR rock star, thinks of coding as a game to master and explore.Speaking of games, is also part of the Misfit ping pong ringer.

  • Alex

    Operations Assistant

    Mr. Reliable is grace under pressure = our main man when it comes to ops and keeping our ship together and humming.

  • Vien

    Software Tools Developer

    A lover of programming, nature, science; a self-proclaimed student of the universe, writing software as deep as his thinking.

  • Binh

    SW Engineer

    Cooks up fast code as well as French delicacies both learned as a mathematical physicist at l'Ecole Polytechnique (PhD).

  • Dung

    Research Software Engineer

    Misfit's resident signal processing and C++ wizard (JHU PhD); Fulbright, full-time father, and fearless photographer.

  • Thy

    Automation Engineer

    Science-obsessed amateur MC. More proud of her Vampire Diaries knowledge than graduating #1 at Vietnam's top nerd school (Science & Tech U).

  • Hoang

    Data Scientist

    Machine learning, computer vision, and robotics guru (U of C PhD) with patents on sweethearts. Avid sports and travel junkie.

  • Trung

    Database Engineer

    France graduate, gaming prodigy turned server-side wiz. Fast on his bike, faster at swimming, fastest at understanding data.

  • Ethan

    Software Designer

    Quiet designer with loud designs; Eggs and Metallica second in line to creativity and imagination. Faces each new challenge head on.

  • Jobelle

    Software Designer

    Internationally-exhibited artist/designer who helped launch Cosmopolitan in Asia, now making Misfit beautiful. Gourmand hit w/ a travel bug.

  • Nam Ma

    Data Scientist

    Big vs. big. Resident parallel computing guru pitting lots of computers against lots of data. CS PhD with a knack for soccer and tennis.

  • Hieu

    Software Engineer

    National award-winning math and coding whiz; amateur helicopter pilot and game developer on a never-ending quest for the best pho.

  • Todd

    Operations Associate

    Analytical by day, creative by night, an action film aficionado that eats/sleeps/breathes numbers. Newest member of Misfit’s soccer team.

  • Tuan Anh

    Research SW Engineer

    Oxford statistical leaning/EE PhD, travel junkie. Inspired scientist finding a balance between his left and right brain for good.

  • Nick

    Operations Associate

    St. John’s grad, philosopher, and aspiring film director; now a multi-tasking math whiz, ops organizer, and Misfit customer delighter.

  • Elena

    Commercial Associate

    Ex-JP Morgan/UBS finance geek, DIY goddess, and amateur soap-maker excited for the unexpected and solving problems for Misfit.

  • Viet

    SW Engineer

    ENS math/CS Phd, IMO medalist, ex-Qualcomm researcher, film fanatic, and recovering Parisian, now making Misfit software smarter.

  • Linh

    Operations Assistant

    Economics grad w/ a soft spot for hi-tech, die-hard Michael Jackson fan, amateur swimmer, enjoys taking care of our @Misfit family.

  • Maya

    Operations Associate

    First-class graduate from the UK w/ drawing and dancing among many talents, fashionista, baker of pies, eager to help run Misfit ops.

  • Selena

    Operations Associate

    Top business grad from Finland, karate navy belt, globetrotter and adventure-seeker, now optimizing logistics @ Misfit

  • Tuyen

    Data Coordinator

    Technology enthusiast & coffee addict who loves tinkering w/ gadgets. Determined to expedite data collection @ Misfit

  • Phung

    Automation Engineer

    Computer-obsessed, expert in breaking and building devices, badminton pro since high school, now bug-hunting for leisure @ Misfit.

  • Jaycie

    Operations Assistant

    Top business grad, ardent volunteer at local charities, street food connoisseur, embracing life's every turn with a big smile.

  • Amber

    Operations Assistant

    Ex-PWC finance geek with formidable ping-pong skills, Lord of the Rings fanatic, indie films lover, and self-taught pianist.

  • Trevin

    Operations Assistant

    Technology grad w/ a management edge, fitness fanatic, discerning epicure, now part of the manufacturing team @Misfit.

  • Ted

    Operations Assistant

    HCMC native w/ global tastes, badminton champ, film producer in the making, servant leading @Misfit.

  • Hai

    Software Engineer

    Coding fiend, self-taught sketch artist, left academia to fulfill life-long dream of doing good w/ computer science @Misfit.

  • Hoang

    Software Engineer

    ParisTech-educated coding maven, brain behind Vietnam's top social network, gets excited when handed a tough puzzle.

  • Iris

    Operations Assistant

    Ambitious business grad, obsessed w/ high-tech & psychology, TV/film junkie, now lending charm to customer service @Misfit.

  • Jasmine

    Customer Service Associate

    Valedictorian, Eiffel scholar, ex-Parisian / BNP Paribas marketing star, now loving Misfit fans. Easily bribed w/ rum-raisin ice cream.

  • Parker

    Corporate Development

    Business admin grad and dealer in organizational behavior, he’s Misfit's people guru in Vietnam.

  • Sonny


    Chiefly a Misfit. Product design patron, MIT machine learning/language nut, Misfit & AgaMatrix Co-Founder, iBGStar originator.

  • Wallace

    Software Engineering Lead

    Coding since 13, gaming since 6, architecting Misfit software since the beginning. Doesn't own any shirts that are NOT hoodies.

  • Steve

    Hardware Products Lead

    Sensor algorithms, power management, & electronics manufacturing demigod. Imbues Misfit hardware & firmware w/ his Jewish wit.

  • Christy


    Overeducated at Oxford & MIT, still manages to keep our trains running and in the right direction. Ex-McKinsey, i-banker, TV show hostess.

  • Matt

    Firmware Engineer

    Outdoorsman with a penchant for archery & mountain climbing. Grew up without electricity but became a mechatronic whiz after Stanford.

  • Jessica

    Industrial Designer

    Inaugural member of Misfit's RISD mafia, prototypes hardware UX, recovering AV geek-ess. Obsessed w/ epic soundtracks & pottery.

  • Rachel

    Data Scientist

    Passionate about sensors, hardware, and making data actionable. Stanford neuroscience PhD, d.school alum, unicyclist.

  • Sophia

    Operations Associate

    World-class food blogger, takes care of our Misfits in SF. Middlebury grad who learned to be fast on her feet by surviving working in China.

  • Gabe


    Cal/Stanford star w/ roots at Sun, d.light (CTO), Aclima now shining brightly on sensors, low-power, manufacturing; delights in fly fishing.

  • Matthew Diamond

    Medical Lead

    Mt. Sinai MD/PhD, sports med doc (HSS/NYU), physiology & biomechanics guru, and modern dancer, a true mobility expert; one of Misfit’s gems.

  • Aaron

    Embedded System Engineer

    Stanford alum, first in class, beer aficionado, ex-Googler doing top-secret projects, now making Misfit products smarter than ever.

  • Justin

    Business Development Lead

    Our most fit misfit: chemical engineer/MIT alum turned Ironman, sailor, and drummer; now spreading the Misfit message worldwide.

  • Michael Soule

    Institutional Sales Lead

    Medtech/health star (Philips, Medtronic, BodyMedia), ex-Weight Watchers healthcare head leading Misfit’s work to get companies to Shine.

  • Greg

    Commercial Associate

    All-star MVP wide receiver for Navy, avid runner, dog lover, and Shine points fiend spreading Misfit’s message around the world.

  • Tim

    Product & Design Lead

    Award-winning product designer, metal/wood craftsman, shipper of 15+ FDA-cleared HW/SW products, now Misfit’s product head. #RISDMafia.

  • Julie

    Visual Design Lead

    Veteran beautifier of things, color/type master, amateur dog trainer, and head of gorgeousness and good taste at Misfit. #RISDMafia.

  • Amy

    Communications Lead

    Former Rock Health media lead, #DigitalHealth evangelist, balletomane and sailor, charting Misfit's communications course.

  • Alyssa Anderson

    Communications Associate

    2012 Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer (4x200m freestyle relay), former Coca-Cola marketer, at Misfit leading events, evangelism, and optimism. #indomitable

  • James

    Algorithm Development Lead

    Algorithms/medtech expert, holder of 5 patents, artificial eye pioneer, Columbia/Covidien alum. Avid traveller, active in body & mind.

  • Daniel

    UX Designer

    Gifted designer w/ toolbox full of honed crafts & passion; extoller of human-centered design, dreams of retiring as an islander. #RISDMafia

  • Jaejun

    Software Integration and Special Projects Lead

    Ex-Bain (Seoul/Boston), MIT Sloan MBA, Seoul Nat'l CS grad, startup co-founder, K-pop fan, rockstar dev now in charge of dev love @Misfit.

  • Joshua

    Graphic Designer

    NY-born designer, photographer, soccer champ, daydreamer whose brain is an archive of random facts. #RISDMafia #unstoppable

  • Vincent

    Frontend SW Lead

    Expert OpenGL/game dev w/ a penchant for sci-fi gaming & discovering the unknown. Wannabe astronomer, never met a game he didn't like.

  • Winston

    Backend SW Lead

    Missing Olympic ping pong dreams, became an expert cloud/backend dev enabling millions to game. Still chasing the dream a game at a time.

  • Scott

    UX Designer

    Ex-Tencent designer of QQ fame (700M+ users), now Misfit's very own visual / interaction design and illustration rock star and band member.

  • Terry

    Software Engineer

    Star Android-app maker with a penchant for anything photographic. Would subsist on a crawfish-only diet if allowed.

  • Tony

    Senior Software Engineer

    Top Tsinghua graduate, ex-Baidu data mining mave, national math champ on a mission to help those in need via technology

  • Chandler

    Web Team Lead

    Ex-Baidu full stack dev, builder of award-winning data analysis systems, mobile guru with a soft spot for beautifully crafted things.

  • Chad

    Investor and NHL hopeful brewing ideas in his basement, Misfit family from the beginning. Investor, Partner @incTANK Ventures.

  • Karl

    Original Troublemaker, Japan-enthusiast and entrepreneur helping Misfits, Founder and Partner @incTANK Ventures.

  • Halle

    Digital health queen/social entrepreneur helping health start ups get off the ground. @Rock_Health founder/CEO, Harvard MBA, R&B fan.

  • Sonny


    Chiefly a Misfit. Product design patron, MIT machine learning/language nut, Misfit & AgaMatrix Co-Founder, iBGStar originator.

  • Sridhar


    Cambridge "Bio-Sensei," IP brain, Misfit and AgaMatrix Co-Founder, lifelong drummer (to his own beat).

  • John


    Builder of companies in industries undergoing exponential change. Misfit Co-Founder. Used to sell sugar water, now changing the world.

  • Brian


    Healthcare revolutionary, Founders Fund partner, iGoogle founder, director and strategic mentor of @MisfitWearables, @AzumoInc.